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Blog Challenge Day 4 – Top 5 Most Favorite Cities in the USA

13 april 2012

Me in NYC Times Square 2007

1. New York City

I’ve been to NYC about 5 times and I must say that from the first time I’ve been in love with this city. There is so much to do and to see, it never gets bored. I esp. loved visiting Staten Island, Times Square, Central Park and being on the Today Show twice. I really feel at at home in NYC even though it’s so loud and crowded. I just love the atmosphere and the diversity of people.

Me in San Fransisco 2009




2. San Fransisco

What an amazing city. I love the Fisherman’s Wharf , the shopping streets and all the different levels of streets. It’s such a typical city which is so different than other American cities. I loved the way the houses look, walking on the Golden Gate Bridge and doing a scary night tour on Alcatraz Island. It’s also nice because it’s next to the water.

Me in Las Vegas 2009

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is like a Disney World for adults. Every hotel is bigger, better and crazier than the one next to it. You’ll find yourself in ‘Paris’ and ‘Italy’ or even in a ‘Egyptian Pyramid’. You can gamble 24/7 and eat at the many amazing restaurants. You can visit many great shows, we saw Elton John with his Red Piano show, which was great. Its a crazy and weird place where you can loose reality for a while, but I love it.

Me & my new friend in Sea World Orlando 2007

4. Orlando

Ok, I confess, I love amusement parks so Orlando is the place to be at! I’ve been in Orlando for about 7 days and visited 6 different Parks. Many Disney Parks, Sea World and of course the Universal Parks. I’ve did one week of crazy roller coasters, fast passes and amazing dolphins shows. It’s a great place to go when you just want to let go and feel like a child again.

Me & Marco in Washington DC 2007

5. Washington DC

I’ve been to Washington DC many times and what I love about the city is their style of houses, the relaxing vibe and most of all ‘The Mall’ . It’s that big place where you can see the White House, The Capital and many many FREE museums. Even though the USA only have ‘history’ for 200 years it’s still great to visit all the free museums. My favorites are ‘The National Museum’ and ‘The Air & Space Museum’.

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