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Blog Challenge Day 27 – If You’ve had 1 Million Euro To Spend, How Would You Spend It?

3 april 2012

First of all I would try to spend it all wisely because I don’t want to throw it all away.

This is what I would buy:

A Home

I would buy a house where I can start a family with my boyfriend. Not a huge house, just a nice, cozy and warm home. I would probably not spend more than 450.000 Euro.

Our Wedding

I would have a sweet but simple wedding with a big party with all our friends and family.  I would spend not more than 15.000 Euro on everything.


I would go on a honeymoon with my husband, probably to Australia for a Month which costs 10.000 Euro.

Backstreet Boys Cruise or tour

I would go on the Backstreet Boys cruise with my friends and spoil them too. We would stay in the same hotel as the boys, visit all their shows and have vip tickets every night. I would spend a max of 15.000 Euro.


I would go shopping and buy some amazing things that I wouldn’t  normally buy because they are too expensive. I would spend 1000 Euro.


I would travel to different cities and countries and see the world. I would spend 10.000 Euro on traveling.


I would find or start a great charity and donate 10.000 Euro to it.

Save Money

For the future and for my children I would save the rest of my money ( 489.000 Euro) and make sure  that we can enjoy it for a long long time.

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