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Blog Challenge Day 24 – Your Last 24 Hours In Detail

31 maart 2012

Diner @ Work - Pasta Bologna with SaladYesterday, March 30th 2012

Yesterday, March 30th 2012

9PM – Working

I was at work, had a nice diner there and it was a very relaxing shift.

10.15 PM – Finished working

I left work and drove home on my bicycle. It was chilly outside.

10.30 PM – Home Sweet Home

Enjoying some relaxing time after work and a whole day of cleaning our apartment.

10.45 -11 PM – Made some Muffins

Because I craved for them and we had a open house the next day I’ve made some naturel Muffins and some with cocos and chocolate. Yummy!

12.00 PM Time for bed

00.30 AM Finally fell asleep


Today, March 31st 2012

9.45 AM Wake Up

9.50 AM Shower time

10 – 11 AM Making Our Apartment Ready

We’ve put up posters and flags to show people that we have an open house today.

Open House

11 AM – 3 PM Open House

We’ve waited and waited, waited and waited….but NOONE showed up to watch our apartment…It was a national open house day and still noone took the effort to visit our amazing apartment.

3 PM – 6 PM Nap Time

I was exhausted and I have to work a long night shift tonight, so I took a long nap.

6 PM – Diner

We had some (very bad) French Fries and some Dutch fried snacks. Hmmmm.

7.30 PM – Grocery shopping

We went grocery shopping for the next couple of days.

8 PM – Now – Watching TV

I’m relaxing and watching TV, and in a few hours I leave for work.

It’s hard to wake up today, but let’s go!

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  • maaike 31 maart 2012 at 21:39

    Drukke 24 uur gehad zeg! Werk ze zometeen nog.

    X maaike