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Blog Challenge Day 23 – A Time You Though About Ending Your Life

30 maart 2012

I’m sorry, this is not a fun subject, but here we go.

I’ve had some rough moments in my life, things that weren’t fun at all. I cried many times, got hurt and felt lost.

But i never had a moment when I thought about ending my life, ever.

I think life is precious and things happen for a reason. I don’t know how much time I have left to live my life, so why would I end it early.

I do know some people who have ended their lives before it was their time to go and it’s hard to understand that those people didn’t see a reason to live anymore. It’s even more sad for all the people that they leave behind, with their loss and millions of questions why.

I know in my country they want to make the rules easier on when you want to end your life you will get professional help to do it the right way. It’s hard to hear that, but most people who don’t want to live anymore are sick and that’s why they don’t see a reason in living anymore. I dont know if that’s a good idea, but it probably is. Now people jump in front of trains to end their lives, but why not do it a more ‘normal’ way so other people don’t have to witness it.

I hope that I will never feel that way, and I think I never will. I want to enjoy life and cherish every step on the way.Even when times are hard, there will always be a better day. I wish I could help those people and make them realise that their lives are also worth fighting for, but that’s probably too hard to really do.

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  • wallancee 30 maart 2012 at 22:58

    I think for people who have never been in a position that has made them feel they want to end their lives, they will never understand those who have felt it. I felt it, more than once, when I was a lot younger. Honestly, I don’t know many who would have made it through my situation without thinking the same. Forgive me for giving details if it makes you uncomfortable, but for 3 months I was trapped, sexually and physically abused every day for 3 months. Every day I wished, prayed, hoped it would stop. It wouldn’t, if I fought it got worse, so at one stage my mind turned to thoughts of it being easier, of it not hurting anymore, of that person not having me if I ended my life. I never did, I never tried, somewhere inside me I always knew how precious life was and that I could do more, accomplish more in life, but in that moment, in that house, in those 3 months, the transformation of who I was is unimaginable and those thoughts did cross my mind.
    I do understand how others can get in that hole. I do understand how hard it is for them to see that there is anything worth living for, and for those who do take their lives it does break my heart. Trying to help is really hard, but my advice is always ask people how they are. It’s not a magic cure, but maybe that day when you ask, when you are sincere and it’s not just that polite “how’re you?” in passing in the halls, maybe that is enough for that person to feel like someone cares and start to say something. Ask more people “are you ok?”. People always say that those who commit suicide are the unexpected people, but I don’t believe that is so – they are only unexpected because those around them weren’t paying attention, weren’t listening to the cues but rather pushing them aside. I’m not saying that to be mean to people, but we all know that we prefer nice things to not nice things, and if we feel unsure about something we tend to dismiss it in the hopes of things being ok.
    Sorry for the saga but I agree with you, LIFE IS PRECIOUS!

    • jansyluvzu 30 maart 2012 at 23:11

      Thanks for sharing your personal story, I’m glad you didn’t give up….I can’t imagine how you must have felt..you’re a very strong person…*respect*

  • AWildDog 2 april 2012 at 15:01

    I have felt this so many times. I DO think people have the right to end their own lives (legally and with professional help) but I think that this has to be very strictly regulated. I don’t think a person who is depressed and feeling suicidal should be someone who gets this particular service – however I do think that maybe if this service is available, people who feel suicidal will approach this sort of service and then it can become known that they need some help – and can then be redirected to counselling, CBT and other things than can help them overcome their depression.