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Blog Challenge Day 21 – A List Of All The Places You’ve Lived At

28 maart 2012

Our recent apartment

1. Heeze, Netherlands 1983 -1999

I was born in Heeze where I lived with my parents until 1999. It’s a cute town close to Eindhoven (a big city in the South of Holland).

2. Son, Netherlands 1999-2004

While I was officially still living there I never really slept there anymore. I mostly lived at my ex-boyfriends house in Son (a town about 30 minutes from Heeze). I stayed there until 2004 when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend.

The beautiful Camp Twin Creeks

3. Marlinton, West Virginia, USA summer of 2005 and summer of 2006

I worked (and lived) at the best summer camp in the world, Camp Twin Creeks for 2 summers.I had the best time there! I’ve made some amazing friends and found my second home. I miss that place and it’s people so much!

4. ‘s-Hertogenbosch 2005-2007

I lived here with my niece in her house while I was studying in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. My school was only a five-minute bicycle ride away, so nice! I love living in that city. I didn’t spend much time there though, because I mostly stayed with my boyfriend in Eindhoven.

Our apartments in Myrtle Beach, with 5 pools 🙂

5. Eindhoven, Netherlands 2007-now

My boyfriend bought this nice apartment and we moved in together. I love living here and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else right now. We are planning on moving to a bigger house but still want to live in Eindhoven.

6. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA 04/2007-11/2007

I loved living there during my internship at the American hospitality Academy. I’ve made lot’s of lifelong friends (who I miss every day) and learned so much about other cultures and myself. I had a great summer in Myrtle Beach.

I’ve lived in several places and they all felt like home to me. It’s weird how ‘home’ could be anywhere in the world and still feel the same.

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