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Blog Challenge Day 19 – 5 Things That Irritate Me about Opposite/Same Sex

26 maart 2012

Don’t get offended, this is just in general 😉

Things that irritate me about females: 

* When women start drama without any (good) reasons

* When women ALWAYS dislike their own bodies, even when they look like a super model

* When women get easily jealous of other females

* When women never think they’re good enough

* When women only care about the way they look, there’s more in life than just make-up and the way you look

Things that irritate me about males:

* When men always think that they are stronger than a woman

* When men cry like a baby when they’re in pain or are feeling sick

* When men (almost) never seem to understand when a woman is explaining her feelings

* When men think that cleaning the house is a woman’s job, why!?

* When men act childish in front of their male friends

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