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Blog Challenge Day 18 – Your Dream Wedding

25 maart 2012

My boyfriend (well actually he’s my fiancé, but I find it strange to call him that) proposed to me almost 3 years ago in Sea World,San Diego (super romantic with dolphins). We have been together for over 7 years now and really would love to get married. We have already saved enough money for our wedding and we’ve also looked at several locations. But we also want to move into a bigger house so we decided to use the money for a new home since that’s our main priority now.

But IF I could have MY dream wedding (without a budget and no limits) it would kind of look like this:

* All my friends and family would be invited, they would all get a great invitation to our wedding and be spoiled all day

* I would like an ‘American Style’ wedding outdoors on a nice location with lot’s of flowers around us

* I would have a big buffet or bbq with all sorts of food and free drinks and cocktails for everyone

* I would have a great live band playing our favorite songs

* I would have my best friend Linda do my hair (She’s an amazing hairdresser)

* I would take many great pictures with my friends and family

* I would have a crazy party and dance all night under the stars with everyone

* I would have beautiful lights hanging in the trees to make it look very romantic

I would simple have a great day with my husband and all the people we love the most. This sounds amazing and I would love for it to come true. For now I keep on dreaming about it, but one day our dream wedding will come and I sure can’t wait!

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  • maaike 25 maart 2012 at 13:34

    Ooit komt die mooie dag!