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Into The Great Wide Open

17 maart 2012
Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open
A rebel without a clue

Song by: Tom Petty & Jeff Lynne

My weekend couldn’t start off any better. Today I managed to buy tickets for the best festival in the world;

Into The Great Wide Open 

I know at 10.00 AM this morning the national sale started and over 15.000 people were trying to buy tickets. There are only around 5000 tickets available so i can’t believe how lucky we  (me, my bf and my parents) were to be one of the few people who actually made it though and got the tickets. We’ve tried on 3 places and only I managed to get through the system. There are many more people who can’t be there this year and really want to be than the small amount of people who got lucky and will make it to the festival. I’m soooo happy I’m with the lucky ones.

Why is this festival so populair? Well, that’s very easy. It’s based on a very small Dutch Island called Vlieland. It started in 2009 and there can only be around 5000 visitors because the Island is simply not big enough to hold more visitors. You won’t see any high fences with groups of security guys or VIP areas. You won’t catch bands like Rammstein or Metallica rockin’ their socks off.  Instead of that there are low wooden fences or none at all and you’re walking around in the woods on a beautiful Island and enjoy beautiful music. There are spontanious performances at campfires on the beach in the middle of the night and accoustic concerts in the middle of the woods. Music is everywhere!

There are children playing and people dancing, the food is great and the campsite is amazing, right by the ocean. You can watch falling stars every night while enjoying a new band that you’ve never heard of. The admosphere is amazing and all the people are friendly. It’s the perfect festival if you ask me.

The cool thing is that there aren’t any big hotels, so all the bands take the same ferry to the Island and sleep at the same campsite, go to the same store and wait in line for a shower beside you. And guess what, they love it! Most bands think the festival is one of a kind and love to come back the next year.

For the last 2 years me and my boyfriend have been to this festival which really felt like the perfect vacation. Every day I was telling him that we should take my parents with us next year, and this summer they finally come with us. It’s their first 3-day festival and I’m positive that they’re going to fall in love with this Island, it’s people and the festival just like many people did.

Into The Great Wide Open , here we come!

A little impression video of last year’s edition:


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  • marco 17 maart 2012 at 19:28

    yes yes we zijn er weer bij!

    • jansyluvzu 21 maart 2012 at 11:50

      jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….en camping is ook geregeld!!! zin in!!!