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Blog Challenge Day 9 – 10 Likes And Dislikes

17 maart 2012

My 10 dislikes:

1. Liars – Can’t trust people who lie all the time

2. Jealousy – I just don’t get it

3. Being Fat – I so wish I wasn’t

4. War – Why even have a war in 2012???

5. Someone waking my up when I’m asleep – Leave me alone!

6. Fake People – Be yourself, you’re beautiful!

7. When people don’t believe me – makes me feel so sad and helpless (worst feeling in the world)

8. Discrimination – again, why? I don’t get the point, it’s 2012…we should know better!

9. People dying – It’s so hard and unfair most of the time

10. Bullys – There’s always something wrong with those people, that’s why they are doing it. I feel sorry for them, always have.

My 10 Likes:

1.  Good music – Can’t live without some good music, it’s makes me happy and complete

2. Having fun with my friends – It’s the best thing in the world

3. Family – I love them, family means everything to me

4. Making others happy and laugh – I’m a joker and I love to make people happy and laugh

5. Social Media – a great way to stay in touch with my friends and discover new things

6. Helping people – it’s always great to help someone, big or small, it’s so rewarding

7. Concerts – my favorite hobby!

8. Travel the world – there’s so much out there to discover! wish I could see it all!

9. Food – even though I’m not a easy eater I gotta say that i love food…esp. the kind that isn’t good for you

10. Love – whoever invented love must get a award! lol

What are your biggest likes and dislikes?

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  • curvyelvie 17 maart 2012 at 20:38

    Lol I might have to answer you in my blog. I love it.