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Concert Review – Ed Sheeran

13 maart 2012

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Support acts: Nina Nesbitt & Passenger

Date: March 12, 2012

Venue: Melkweg

City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stars: 8 (out of 10)

Photos by:

Similar Artists: Daniel Bedingfield

The concert of Ed Sheeran of last night was already sold out for ages. I’ve entered many contests to win tickets, and guess what…I was one of the lucky few who had won 2 guestlist tickets! Yay! I took my boyfriend with me to the concert and during the day we spent some relaxing time in Amsterdam, went to a photograph museum, dinner and at night to the concert.

The line outside the venue was super long with mostly young teenager Ed Sheeran fanatics. They made me feel old, hihi. Once we finally got inside (the woman at the boxoffice took some time to find my name on the guestlist) we found a nice spot on the balcony and watched all the fans run inside and push eachother against the stage, while they had enough space behind them. It reminded me of my first concerts when everyone had fainted even before anyone took the stage because we were all pushing ourselves to the front row.

Ed had two support acts with him on tour. The cute young girl Nina Nesbitt and amazing singer-songwriter called Passenger. First Nina sang her songs while she played on her accoustic gitar. She didn’t really touch me that much, while the fans in the first few rows seemed to love her every move. It was probably their first concert. I used to love everything when I was at my first concerts    too but now I know that it wasn’t all that amazing.

The second support act was Passenger. A charming young guy with a voice that sounded like Simon Garfunkel and other great musicians. He played a funny song about all the things he hates and everyone sang along. His voice is very nice and definitely a great support act. We don’t want him to stop singing.

After Passengers performance all the fans can finally scream their lungs out for Ed Sheeran. I can’t believe how populair he’s got in such a short time period. He only released one album yet but he could have easily filled a big venue with 10.000 people tonight. Sheeran starts with the song ‘Give Me Love’ and makes sure that everyone in his audience sings along to the song. It’s just him, his gitar, his recorder (the machine where artists record a sound with and they keep repeating – don’t know the right name for it) and a gospel choir (which was his audience, us). He played the songs for almost 15 minutes which I thought was way too long and kind of made it on the edge of boring.

During every song he would let the audience sing or scream or we had to do something else.
You can’t deny that he knows how to entertain us but sometimes it get’s a little too much. Ed is a great singer and his sweet slower songs are amazing to hear live. Everyone was nice and quiet when he was singing those songs which made the concert very intimide and we could really hear his true talents.
One of the highlights of the concert was when he played the song ‘Small bump” which he wrote for a friend who had lost her onborn child after 4 Months. The lyrics and his way of singing it gave us goosebumps and even brought some of us to tears. Also 2 duets with Passenger were amazing.

Because this was the final show of his European tour and he didn’t have a curfew for showtime he played for over 2 hours straight. He kept saying what an amazing crowd we were and I must admit that we were pretty damn loud. The admosphere was great and this was a night most of us won’t forget very fast.

Good: Ed is a true musical talent and he can get really big. He knows how to entertain a audience for 2 hours while he only has got one album out.

Bad: He should focuss a little more on singing his songs than all the interaction with his fans and just do what we want him to do and that’s sing his great songs.

Here are a few videos we’ve made during the concert:

Passenger – Funny song:


Ed Sheeran & Passenger – Duet:


Ed Sheeran – Beautiful Song:


Ed Sheeran – Grade 8 with Audience:


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  • Elvira Jorge aka curvy elvie 14 maart 2012 at 03:12

    You made the whole concert experience come alive; thank you.

  • Shannon 3 april 2012 at 00:13

    Oh wow. You made me re live this magical night. Thanks!

  • annieeeeee 17 mei 2012 at 02:00

    can we try to be a little more positive? please! Passenger and ed sheeran is like a dream come true there can be no negatives to a concert like that!!!!!!
    P.S. what you’ve entitled the ‘funny song’ is actually ‘I hate’

    • jansyluvzu 17 mei 2012 at 22:19

      I think I was really positive…and it’s my own review so I write my OWN experience, I don’t write it ‘more positive’ then I thought it was…And were you at the concert? I told exactly how it was 🙂