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My Battle Update – Week 2

7 maart 2012

Ok, so this week was a whole different story.

Last week didn’t go as planned so I had to change my strategy.

During my whole week I ate mostly healthy food. OK, I did cheat a little bit, but nothing to be ashamed of, and only a few times. I was very successful in making the right choices and I also worked out a little bit.

Last Sunday me and my boyfriend went for a walk for over 2 hours and I also started running, finally. Monday was the first time I was running again after almost 5 years. I’m not a big runner, but at least I have to try this. I downloaded this training audio which feels like you have a coach there with you who tells you when to start running and when to start walking again. And there’s also some nice music in the background to keep you going.

I also downloaded a App on my Android cellphone which tracks my whole workout and shows me how I’m doing. That makes it much more interesting for me. I always like to improve things, so that’s a easy way to see how that goes. I have to admit I’m a very slow runner so don’t expect me to go all Speedy Gonzales on the streets, but at least I’m moving.

These are my result so far:

Starting Weight: 104.4 Kgs / 229 Lbs

Weight after 2 weeks: 103.7 / 227 Lbs(I only know the Kgs for sure)

Result:  – 0,7 Kgs


Still not happy with my result. But I know that’s how it goes, I try so hard and there’s no result to keep my enthusiastic and keep going. That’s why I usually give up because what’s it for when you don’t see any results.

Well, at least I’m losing weight, even though it’s not going fast enough for me…and I’m NOT giving up!

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  • maaike 7 maart 2012 at 16:10

    You can do it!
    X maaike

    • jansyluvzu 7 maart 2012 at 16:25

      thx babe! Yes I can!