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Picture Challenge – Day 20 – Inside Your Fridge

22 februari 2012

Inside my fridge you’ll find today:

* many different kinds of dressings (Ranch, which I bought in the States) Mayonaise, Chilli, Pesto, Mustard etc.

* Mushrooms, Cucumber, Butter and Philadelphia cream

* Cheese, Ham, Steak, Chicken Sausages, Eggs

Items that are also in there but you can’t see in this picture: Salad, Buritto Wraps, Milk, Diet Coke, Light Soda & Vanilla Yogurt.

What’s in your fridge today?

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  • curvyelviesays 22 februari 2012 at 20:36

    Thanks now I am hungry lol. I live in Texas, USA the chili dressing sounds familiar.

  • jansyluvzu
    22 februari 2012 at 20:38

    i never been there, but I love the USA, been there 5 times…for almost 11 months in total πŸ™‚ Great country! Chili dressing is kinda sweet and spicy…yummie!