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TV Series Review – Pretty Little Liars

16 februari 2012

Name: Pretty Little Liars

Year: 2010 – now

Seasons: 2 (45 episodes)

Genre: Mystery/Drama/Thriller

Stars: ***** (out of *****)

Similar TV Series: The Lying Game

Since last week I’ve been watching all the episodes from season 1 & 2 from the hit series Pretty Little Liars. It is so addictive that I simply couldn’t stop watching. Let me tell you why…

Pretty Little Liars is about 4 best friends ( Aria, Hanna, Emily & Spencer)who live in a small town called Rosewood. They are best friends with many secrets. One year ago their Queen Bee friend Alison goes missing after they have a party in a barn. No one knows where Alison is, but 1 year after her disappearance her body has been found. The four girls start getting messages from someone called “A” who tells them things that only Alison could know. The messages get worse and more threatening and they girls are trying to find out who this “A” person(s) is.

People even get killed and every day they get more frightened because they all have this dark secret and don’t tell anyone about the creepy messages. Who is “A”… when will they out…

The main characters (from left to right):

Hanna – who went to fat camp for several years, now finally popular, but has the wrong friends

Emily – swimming school champion, gay and scared the come out

Alison – was Queen Bee, killed, had and still has many secrets

Aria – has a crush on her English teacher Ezra Fitz

Spencer– dates all her sisters boyfriends while they are still with her sister

Ass you can see all the girls are very pretty and they have some pretty boyfriends as well.

Here are some of the male characters:

They all look handsome and the stylists made sure that every character looks stunning with great fashion and hair & Make-up. This series are the best and most exciting series that I have seen in a long time, no wonder why they’ve already won several Awards. Each episode keeps you entertained and make you want to know who A is so bad that you’re trying to find out while eryone is suspicious!

A must see if you ask me!

The series still have 3 more episodes to air so I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to find out the truth!

Check out the trailer here:


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  • Karin 22 februari 2012 at 21:46

    Ik ga binnenkort beginnen met kijken, ben erg benieuwd!

    • jansyluvzu 22 februari 2012 at 21:51

      You won’t regret it! Have fun!