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Picture Challenge – Day 14 – Something You’re Reading

16 februari 2012

I’m reading this pocket book with two stories in it. I’ve borrowed it from my mum and I’ve only finished the first story. It’s a love story about a writer who lives on a Island and loves it there because it’s so quiet and peaceful. One day a woman moves into the house next door and starts a summer camp there, so he hates it because he keeps hearing all the kids play. Then he gets to know the woman and the kids and it makes up for a very happy ending. It’s a lovely feel good story.

The second story I haven’t read yet. I’ll start it today since I’ll be spending two times of 100 minutes by train today.

The book is in Dutch and it’s written by Helen Brenna and Ellen Hartman.

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  • Eagle-Eyed Editor 16 februari 2012 at 13:44

    It sounds like my kind of story! Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will translate it into English one day so I can read it.

    • jansyluvzu 16 februari 2012 at 13:49

      I loved it 🙂 If you love romantic drama stories…I must say it’s a must read 🙂