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Best Birthday Party EVER!

12 februari 2012

Yesterday I’ve celebrated my 29th birthday together with some of my lovely friends at my parents house in Heeze. I’ve also organized a living room concert with singer-songwriter Case Mayfield. He drove 2 hours in the freezing cold to play a intimate  acoustic concert for me and my friends. We were with only 17 friends in a tiny room and listened to his amazing voice.

Even though me and Marco were the only ones who have seen him perform before everyone seemed to love his songs. We were all super quiet and listened to all his words. He was singing with so much emotions that you could feel it through the bone and he gave us goosebumps all over. During his performance he chatted away and we all had a blast.

He sang so beautiful and the acoustic sound in the room was amazing. We have taped the whole performance, and I have uploaded all the videos all on my Youtube website.

So everyone who was there and wants to watch it again and everyone who couldn’t make it or just wants to listen to a beautiful performance check out the concert here:

Playlist livingroom concert Case Mayfield Live in Heeze

During the break and after the concert Case and his friend Mario hang out with me and my friends and the atmosphere was so relaxing. We really had a great group of people together and we all shared this amazing night together. It felt like one big happy family, even though some people had never met before. There was never a dull moment and everyone was enjoying themselves. Even Case told us that he really had a great time himself. We made everyone feel at home. We ate so much food and I made sure everyone left with a Case Mayfield EP, He sold out all the EP’s that he brought with him.

My boyfriend made some beautiful pictures last night from the performance to,

you can find them here:

Pictures from Case Mayfield by Marco Smeets

So i would like to say THANK YOU to my boyfriend who supported me with the idea of really organizing this party. To my parents, for using their home and their hospitality. To Case Mayfield & Mario for taking the effort to make this night an unforgettable one and last but not least to all my sweet friends and family who came to celebrate my birthday with me! I’ve really had the best birthday ever and I know that I will look back on this day with a big smile on my face. Thank You SO MUCH!

Case, good luck and have so much fun with the release of your new album ‘The Many Colored Beast’ and your upcoming tour. I might catch you somewhere to see how you’re doing!

Everyone check out his music,you’ll love it!

Funny video:


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  • dineke 12 februari 2012 at 21:36

    Het ziet er gezellig uit!

    • jansyluvzu 12 februari 2012 at 21:45

      Het was ook erg gezellig