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Picture Challenge – Day 5 – Something You Wore

7 februari 2012

Since last week we’ve been living in a winter wonderland. We’ve had one big pile of snow and it has been freezing ever since, so the whole country is covered in snow. It’s beautiful if you ask me. Last weekend I’ve been walking around in the woods near our home to walk around in the snow.

To make sure I would get frozen toes or fall flat on my face I got my walking shoes out of the closet. Unfortunately they are far from fashionable, but they’re very comfortable and perfect for a good walk. I bought them a few years ago when we went to the Roskilde Festival (in Denmark) for 8 days straight and I wanted to make sure that my feet would stay dry. (since the last edition of the Festival was flooded) …Luckily we only had two drops of rain that summer. But after that I’ve tested my shoes many times and I can stand in a river without getting wet feet.

So these are the shoes I wore last weekend…

Here are 2 picture I’ve made during our walk.

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