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Picture Challenge – Day 3 – Something You Love

5 februari 2012

Today I have to make a picture of something I love. I love to spend my afternoon watching my favorite series, a movie or my favorite tvshows. But while i’m watching TV I’m also checking all my social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter or I’m writing a Blog. (I’m actually doing that right now)

My boyfriend bought this amazing Mediacenter a few years ago, so I can record all my favorite TV Shows and I can watch them whenever I want. So I rarely watch live television these days, I always skip commercials and only watch the things I like. It’s such a luxury feeling! And I love our huge TV with Internet TV…this could entertain me all day 🙂

Earlier this afternoon we went for a good walk in the snowy woods and got really cold, so now I’m relaxing with some hot chocolate on the couch while watching TV and typing this blog. This feels like the good life to me. It’s def something I love.

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