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Picture Challenge – Day 2 – Your Breakfast

4 februari 2012

My boyfriend made me breakfast this morning, it’s was perfect!

While I was taking a shower he was preparing this lovely breakfast/lunch. We had:

* French Bread

* Cheese

* Eggs

* Ham

* Pesto

* Filet American

* Creamcheese

* Lettuce

* Cucumber

* Butter

* Milk

* Fresh Juice (Strawberry/Oranges)

* Salt/Pepper

I love breakfast like this, but we only do this during the weekends. During the week I mostly eat yogurt with cereal as breakfast. But during the weekends we usually sleep in and have a breakfast/lunch like this.

What does your breakfast look like? Is it always the same or something else every day?

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  • AWildDog 5 februari 2012 at 01:51

    What is Filet American?

    I actually don’t normally have breakfast – I can’t eat much when I’ve just woken up so I usually skip it and have lunch or have bunch instead. But when I do have a proper breakfast it’s either cereal, fruit, toast or possibly a bacon sandwich. We don’t really do this kind of thing here.

  • jansyluvzu 5 februari 2012 at 14:52

    Filet American is a version of steak tartare, 🙂 I think it’s probably typically Dutch.

    • AWildDog 5 februari 2012 at 16:49

      Ok we so don’t have that here lol.

      • jansyluvzu 5 februari 2012 at 16:53

        I don’t eat it that often, because it a little expensive (If you ask me)…I mostly eat cheese on my bread or ham

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