My January Shoplog

30 januari 2012

I am not a big shopaholic when it comes to clothes. I used to work at a H&M store for almost 5 years and I saw all my colleagues spend all their money on new clothes, so by the end of the month, sometimes even earlier they didn’t even have enough money to buy some decent food and ate peanutbutter sandwiches for a whole week. That’s when I realised that I didn’t want to spend all my money on new clothes, even though I saw all the new items first that came instore every day. I also learned that clothing doesn’t have to be expensive and with a 20% discount I always bought my clothes at H&M.

Because I’ve been working in the city center it’s not that interesting to walk around there on a day off so when I don’t need anything new you probably won’t find me there shop until I drop. What I do like is to go shopping when there’s a big sale, like most ladies I guess. It’s great to buy stuff when it’s really cheap, it kind of feels like you’ve won something.

This Month I did a little bit of shopping which I will tell you a little bit more about in this blog.

I bought this beautiful coat from this Dutch designer called Mart Visser. He designed this special coat collection for this Dutch warehouse called V&D. I already noticed these coats Months ago, but then they were too expensive for me, but last week I went back there and they were for sale for almost half price off, so I bought it! I was looking for a nice warm winter coat for several years now and I could never find the right one, so I’m soooo happy I finally found this one. It’s a very comfortable coat which is very wide at the bottom, it kinda reminds me of a coat that Adele would wear.

My new coat by Mart Visser ( from 189 euros, now for 99 euros)

I also bought new shoes by Esprit which I really liked. I do have to admit that I love buying shoes, so I always try to avoid shoeshops. Maybe because most stores don’t sell my clothingsize (I’m a big girl) but shoes always fit me just fine.

My new Esprit Shoes (from 59,95 euros, now for 39,95 euros)

And I also did some online shopping at H&M and bought this nice warm cognac colored vest which doesn’t make me look skinny, but I love it’s color and it’s nice and warm.

My new H&M vest (19,90 euros, don’t remember it’s original price)

I also found some cute earrings at a Kruidvat store for only 1 euro.

My new Kruidvat earrings (from 4 euros, now for only 1 euro)

And this Month I’ve also bought the great new album from Ed Sheeran called Plus, which I blogged about yesterday. I bought it through so I could maybe win tickets for his show in Holland…really want to see him live…*keeping my fingers crossed*

My new Ed Sheeran Album (12, 99 euros, but I’ve got it for half price because I had a couppon)

I also went to Ikea and some other stores to buy paint and accessoiries to renovate our bathroom. But I will post more about that later. So I didn’t buy that much, but I LOVE all of the new stuff. It’s funny how you can be so happy with some new things. It really makes me happy.

Did you do some serious shopping right after the Holidays? Love Sale as much as I do?

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  • indiequeen84 30 januari 2012 at 22:35

    Well you’ve been following my blog for a while so you KNOW I love to shop to begin with and especially sale shopping. I love finding steals such as this white blouse that I bought in the H&M sale for a whooping 2.95 euros! It doesn’t get any better than that!