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I Love Ed Sheeran

29 januari 2012

One Record that I can’t stop listening to these days and is continuingly playing in my head is Ed Sheeran’s album ‘+’ (Plus).

I just can’t stop listening to his songs and am getting a bigger fan every day. Yesterday I’ve received a signed Vinyl Single from his hit ‘The A Team’ which you’ll probably know. I’ve won it on a Facebook competition from Warner Music Benelux.

Unfortunatly our record player is stored somewhere else right now so I can’t listen to it, but I still love it! It’s color is ginger, just like Ed’s hair, which makes it even cooler. (see pic)

Last year I’ve read some very good reviews about this new British singer-songwriter so I decided you check him out. Ever since I’ve heard him sing the first words in his song ‘The A Team’ I loved his music and I knew I wanted to hear more from him. I checked his album out and I loved it! He reminds me of a fresh and new Daniel Bedingfield sometimes because of his different styles of singing and rap styles through his songs.

He also had made some great music videos for his singles, check some of them out here:



Lego House (with Rupert Grint – Ron in Harry Potter’


His Massive Hit – The A Team


I do believe that Ed will be on top of the charts all over the world in 2012 so you better watch out! Make sure you´ll visit one of his concerts nearby. He will be touring until October through Europe and the States, so plenty of options to go see him. Until then enjoy his beautiful album + and sing along. I’m trying to get accreditation to review his concert in Amsterdam in March, because I couldn’t get a ticket myself (his show was already sold-out) and I write concert reviews for several websites so hopefully i’ll get my spot on his guestlist. * keeping my fingers crossed*

If I do, i’ll post a review of his concert in my blog for sure!

For more info about Ed Sheeran, check out his website

Do you like Ed Sheeran´s music? What’s your favorite song?

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  • Jeyna Grace 29 januari 2012 at 15:08

    When i saw lego house.. i was like, “Rupert can sing?!”

    • jansyluvzu
      29 januari 2012 at 15:09

      That’s exactly what i thought…i also thought…isn’t that the guy from HP…that’s not Ed…lol…great video, great song!

  • indiequeen84 29 januari 2012 at 15:23

    I’ve only just heard his song. I generally don’t really listen to stuff that has chart potential lol. So anything chart worthy usually stays under my radar. However, the other day I was checking the charts and his song def. stood out. Good choice for a ‘LOVE’ post.

  • jansyluvzu
    29 januari 2012 at 15:35

    thanks babe…I do think he’s different, so I’m gratefull he’s mixing up the charts a little bit besides all the dance and hip-hop music that’s ruling the charts these days…he’s different…so that’s a plus 🙂

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