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5 Things That Are Always In My Grocery Cart

28 januari 2012

1. Mushrooms
I always buy mushrooms, they are the first item that I find when I enter the our grocery store and I love them. Whenever I make diner I mix in some mushrooms in my meal. Luckily my boyfriend loves them too so he won’t get sick of them.

2. Milk
I love milk because it’s healthy and I can use it for many different meals. I drink a glass of milk every day. I also eat milk with cereal or when I make puddings our pancakes. Milk is just a must have item in our refrigerator.
3. Fresh Orange Juice
Whenever I’m shopping for groceries with my boyfriend the first item he goes for are the bottles of fresh juice. Most times we buy the ones with 35% discount stickers on them because they are quite expensive because they’re so fresh. My favourite flavours are pure orange juice and orange/banana flavour.

4. Coca Cola Zero or Pepsi Light
People who know me know that I have a serious diet Coke addiction. Because I mostly want to drink diet drinks and don’t like to pay for water at restaurants and clubs I usually buy diet Coke or diet Pepsi because it’s the only diet drink available at most places. A couple of Months ago my boyfriend challenged me to not drink ANY Coke products for one month and I succeeded so I know I can live without it. But this is my addiction and it’s easier to keep that addiction.
5. Bread
Us Dutch people are big bread lovers. Most of us eat bread twice a day. I always buy bread and put it away in our fridge so it stays nice and doesn’t dry out too fast. My favourites are white bread, Italian bread and corn bread.

Which 5 things are always in your grocery cart?

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  • yvonne 28 januari 2012 at 13:19

    Voor mij zou dat wekelijks zijn:

    1: magere franse kwark
    2: eikenbladsla
    3: cherry tomaatjes
    4: komkommer
    5: kipblokjes.

    De rest, de ongezonde dingen zijn niet standaard lol

    • jansyluvzu
      28 januari 2012 at 19:16

      ohhh…yummie…lekker en gezond! Goed bezig! gelukkig komen al deze ingrediënten ook vaak in mijn boodschappen voor 😉

  • indiequeen84 28 januari 2012 at 13:27

    yoghurt, fruit (at least 3 different kinds: bananas, kiwi fruit & apples are most standard), cucumber, eggs, cheese. I’ve been laying off the bread for almost 3 months now. I only eat it once a week.

  • jansyluvzu
    28 januari 2012 at 19:10

    wow…only once a week…that’s very impressive. What do you eat instead of the bread?
    I buy eggs, fruit and cheese most of the time, but I could only pick 5 pieces 😉

    • indiequeen84 30 januari 2012 at 22:36

      I just have salad for lunch at work. Breakfast is yoghurt with some fruit and when I am home and sleep in late I will make myself some fried eggs with ham and cheese for brunch. In the evening I eat veggies with meat but no pasta/ rice or potatoes.

      • jansyluvzu
        30 januari 2012 at 23:04

        Wow! That’s very healthy! Good job..wish i could keep up with a healthy lifestyle like that.i do have to admit that i only eat bread once a day…

  • marco 28 januari 2012 at 23:17

    het liefst zou ik deze 5 altijd mee willen nemen: bier, nootjes, pizza, frites and chocolade

    maaru….goed om te weten dat jouw ‘best friend’ dus eten is….ik zal er rekening mee houden met valentijn haha

    • jansyluvzu
      29 januari 2012 at 00:02

      Nou, ik ben benieuwd wat ik van mijn valentijntje krijg dit jaar!