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I Am A Dreamer

27 januari 2012


I have always been a big dreamer. If dreaming could be a day job it would be my most perfect job and I would be a very rich lady. I have been a daydreamer for as long as I remember. When I was a little kid my teachers always wrote in my final school reports ‘Janske is always daydreaming’.

When I was 10 years old I did my first speech about ‘Dreams’ in front of all the kids in my class (42 incl. me). I still remember that day because I started speaking ‘I am going to tell you something about dreams’ and than I forgot my words and started crying because I was so freakin’ nervous. Public speaking def wasn’t my favourite thing to do those years. I was nervous during the whole year before because I knew that day would come where I had to get in front of my whole class and tell them something interesting with all their eyes on me. A week later I tried again and it went perfect. My teacher gave me 9 out of 10 points so I was very proud of myself and everyone thought it was a really interesting speech. All other kinds talked about animals and stuff so mine was quit different and more interesting.

Enough about my childhood stories. These days I’m still a daydreamer. Sometimes that makes it hard for me to focus on the things that I’m doing. For example when I’m reading a book that’s not interesting enough for me, I start reading and after 5 pages I notice that my eyes have been reading all the words, but my mind can’t remember any of them. It’s kind of annoying sometimes esp. when I’ve had to learn some books for school. I even though that I was dyslectic, but I’m just not a big star on reading comprehension.


Every morning I wake up out of a dream which most of the time I can remember perfectly. Some of them seem so real that they stick in my mind all day. That includes happy dreams but also nightmares. Sometimes I wake up from a nightmare and I’m really crying in my sleep. I hate it when that happens, but also I’m happy because I know that ‘it’s just a dream’.

Funny things happen in my dreams, people I know appear in weird situations which they don’t normally belong in. I also have some popular themes in my dreams, which I know that they probably mean something about what I’m doing in real life. Here are some of my returning topics in my dreams.

I dream that I find money everywhere – This means that you are discovering yourself.

I dream about being chased – This means you have some form of stress or fear in your daily life.

I dream that I am naked in a public place – This can mean that you feel vulnerable or unprotected.

I dream that I am at a toilet without any doors so everyone can see me – This means that you are frustrated about your privacy or personal space. Or it can mean that you are dealing with letting go of old emotions.

Of course I also dream about things that happen in my daily life and many of my dreams put a smile on my face. Sometimes I wish I could live in my dreams instead of my real life, because anything can happen in my dreams, I have a very creative mind so my dreams are mostly awesome.

What about your dreams, do you have dreams that come back from time to time?

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  • AWildDog 28 januari 2012 at 00:50

    42 children in one class? It’s like half that here!

    I’m a big dreamer and day dreamer too.
    I’m not sure I believe these “if you dream about this it means that” things – I tend to work out what they mean for me. I personally let out a lot of anger, or play out a lot of fear in my dreams if I keep it bottled up in life. And for obvious reasons these come back from time to time.

    I love the fact that I have very strange and entertaining dreams though! I sort of feel bad for people that don’t dream or can never remember their dreams at all.

    • jansyluvzu 28 januari 2012 at 01:15

      I know 42 kids it’s very rare also here in Holland. But our class was always that big for 5 years straight and we (and our teachers) could handle it.
      The weird dreams make me realize how big my imagination goes sometimes. I also feel sorry for the people who can’t remember their dreams when they wake up. They’re really missing out on a great world.